Ceremonies can provide us individual ways of celebrating and remembering the important times in our experience; be it gestation, birth, childhood, through to growing to maturity, developing partnerships, having children, growing old and ultimately marking our deaths.

Ceremonies can hold us throughout life and allow us to express our joy and gratitude for being alive and honouring the dying process and ultimately death. 

Our personal beliefs can be expressed through ceremonies, irrespective of whether we believe in a specific religion on spirituality. They provide the opportunity for ritual to help reach a meaning about the purpose of our lives. 

You made a difficult time so much easier.

"The service today was exactly as we had hoped, a wonderful, cheerful celebration of mum's life. It was such a lovely send off and your contribution was a huge part of it. As I think I said to you, it was the loveliest funeral I have ever been to"

-A & C, Bristol, 2023