End of life Doula

I am an experienced End of Life Doula. I commenced training in 2016 and completed my diploma in 2018 and have worked as a trainer and mentor.

Experience in the health and social care fields both in Australia and the UK has given me a good understanding of the kinds of issues, individuals and families face especially at vulnerable times. Working in a hospice as a complementary therapist and a hospital, both in a spiritual and pastoral care team, and more recently a palliative care team, has helped shape my work and experience.

A large part of my work involves transitions and loss. It has become clear that families are often overwhelmed and taken by surprise with the amount of decisions needing to be made in the dying experience. Building relationships and having conversations earlier can support this. This may involve discussions around advance care plans, personal care and end of life wishes.

In my role as a Doula I can provide a stable and calm presence as the dying and death process unfolds for the individual and family network.

Please contact me for further information and guidance

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